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Nation Branding

Brand Analysis Services

Powered by Perception Metrics

Every nation is a brand that needs managing. Your brand is the sum total of all that is known, thought, felt and perceived about your country, its people, places, culture and products.

East West Nation Brand Perception Reports, powered by Perception Metrics*, give you a detailed description of your brand’s image. We can identify your most frequent messages – positive and negative – in the news, on television, and on-line.

Are my key messages being heard?

Is your brand being associated with the words you think it is?
Is it being associated with the words you want it to be? We can find your key messages in the media and quantify their association with you.

Key Messages graph

How do I compare to my competitors?

Branding is differentiation. By identifying the value words that comprise your image, your competitors’ images, and your industry’s image, we can identify unique messages that will assist in building your individualized brand image.

What are my major strengths? What are my weaknesses?

By identifying the most common positive and negative messages that are being grammatically associated with your brand, we can tell you the most important messages that are being conveyed about you in the media. We can also quantify your brand’s image across regions, types of coverage, and across time.

Who else is being described in the same way I am?

Who is the media describing as “modern”? As “innovative”? Before launching a re-branding campaign, we can tell you if your potential branding messages apply to leading nations around the world.

What aspects of my brand are the strongest? The weakest?

We identify the many different ways your brand is being described in the media, and can give you the tone of each of those independent facets. We can tell you if your policies are being discussed positively, but your leaders, officials and embassies are being described negatively, or vice versa.

There was a crisis recently. Can I tell how much that impacted the image of my brand?

By comparing the volume and tone of coverage before and after a major event, we can give you tools to assist your strategic planning efforts.

Perception Metrics is a leader in text analysis, and uses its own proprietary computerized Natural Language Processing system to identify a brand in text and then find the negative and positive messages that are grammatically connected to that brand. East West Nation Branding Reports are produced using Perception Metrics’ technology.