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East West Communications believes that every nation has a unique contribution to make to the world, and has a compelling story to tell. The purpose of nation branding is to distill that uniqueness into a positive identity that is then promoted to target markets using the best communications tools available. Combined with good policy, nation branding should deliver meaningful benefits for a country, including an enhanced international reputation and increased tourism, investment and trade.

65 Countries Served Over 30 Years
East West Communications has worked with 65 countries

How is your country viewed by the rest of the world?

If you don’t like the way you are perceived in the world, you can do something about it. Like any corporation would seek an optimal niche for its products and services in the global marketplace, your country can undertake a process to position itself effectively by differentiating what it offers the world. This process both involves and benefits key stakeholders by using an integrated approach to incorporate and promote everything from culture and tourism to investment and international public diplomacy in support of your foreign policy agenda.

Countries are not the same as corporations and nation branding requires more than knowledge of branding processes. It requires in-depth knowledge of how governments and the international system work, including how countries interface with the world community through diplomacy and business, and how the right government policies are critical to effective positioning for your country if it is to achieve the desired levels of investment, trade and tourism.

East West has had extensive experience in helping dozens of governments improve their positioning and messaging, and can help you develop effective positioning, branding and communications for your country.

A Good Brand Will

  • Differentiate your country (place or sector) from all others
  • Project a positive image of your country to the world
  • Increase your prestige abroad
  • Make a persuasive case for tourists to visit your destinations
  • Make a persuasive case for investors to choose your economy
  • Make a persuasive case for importers to buy your exports
  • Create a positive synergy for your national assets
  • Support and energize your stakeholders