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Special International Reports

Special Reports

Eight-page color sections with articles and pictures about the situation and opportunities in your country today, including business, travel, policy and special topics.

Written and designed by professionals to appeal to the Washington, DC audience.

Inserted in the daily newspaper and distributed throughout Washington, to reach 100,000 readers.

Print Promotion

In addition to inclusion in the daily paper, each section will be extensively promoted in Washington and beyond, delivering additional benefits to clients:

  • A front-page, color strip advertisement on the day of the section will direct readers to the report inside.
  • A full-page ad in The Washington Times Weekly Edition, distributed to 45,000 readers nationwide will direct readers to the online section.

Online Promotion

Special Reports will be promoted online:

  • The report will be posted online.
  • Banner and skyscraper ads on reaching the Washington, DC audience on the day of publication.
  • will host the section with a home page ad that runs for one month.

Radio Promotion

Special Reports will be featured on three Washington radio stations:

  • On the day of publication, The Washington Times’ radio program, America’s Morning News, will broadcast an interview with the client. This program is carried on 730 AM in Washington and 125 stations around the Unites States.
  • Commercials on the main talk radio stations in Washington (WMAL and WTNT) will direct readers to the section on the morning of publication.

Special Distribution

Each section/special report will be included in The Washington Times newspaper and delivered to the following target audiences:

  • Every senator and congressman
  • Key congressional staffers
  • Key staff at the White House
  • Senior staff at US Government departments, including State, Defense, Commerce, Transportation and Energy.
  • US Government agencies, including USAID, EximBank and OPIC.
  • Multilateral agencies, including IMF, MEGA, World Bank and IFC.
  • Think tanks, including Heritage, Brookings, AEI, CEI, CATO, SAIS, RAND, etc.
  • 170 international embassies
  • UN delegations in New York
  • Industry associations
  • Advocacy and lobbying organizations
  • Senior executives of major corporations
  • International and US press corps
  • Bulk copies for the client

Why choose The Washington Times for a Special Report?

Great value for the money

The Washington Times vs. The Washington Post

  • A full page in the Post costs $111,132, or $889,056 for 8 pages
  • An 8-page report (insert or separate pages) in the Times costs just $140,000
  • For under 1/6th the cost you can reach:
    • All 435 Congressmen (minimum six copies in each office)
    • All 100 Senators (minimum six copies in every office)
    • The White House (minimum 35 copies)
    • All 170 embassies (up to 35 copies each), and all UN embassies
    • The World Bank and IMF (multiple copies to senior staff)
    • The Department of State (multiple copies to senior staff
    • The Department of Defense (multiple copies to senior staff)
    • Thousands of US and international journalists and pundits
    • Thousands of think tanks, industry associations and lobbyists

For more information, contact:

Francisco Quintanilla
East West Communications