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Perceptions Drive Decision-Making. How is your country perceived by others?

For countries, as for corporations, success in the
global marketplace is achieved through effective
differentiation, based on strategic positioning and

The art of corporate branding is well established
today, but its application to nations is still in its
infancy. This is because countries are very different from companies, and do not easily lend themselves to traditional corporate branding techniques. But it is also due to countries not yet realizing how much branding can help them achieve their national objectives.

As a thought leader in nation branding and
communications, we offer a unique set of products
and services, from analyzing and tracking how your brand is perceived in the world to helping you refine, manage and promote your brand. These services are designed to help you achieve your optimal position in the global system. Results will range from intangible benefits, such as greater international prestige, to tangible benefits, such as increased inbound investment, exports and tourism.

Because of the confidential nature of our work with
some clients, only general information is provided
here. To find out more about how we can help you
with your branding and communications, please
contact us.

Visit our websites designed to help countries
get their messages to the world.

East West Nation Branding Indexes -- Powered by PerceptionMetrics

Our indexes rank all countries and territories, based on how they are perceived in leading international media. Our initial indexes are based on analyzing five million mentions in 38 top news sources from around the world, between April 1 and June 30, 2008. See the East West Global 200 Index which ranks all 192 UN members and 8 major territories.

TOP 10 Complete Indexes  
1. Singapore
2. Hong Kong
3. Malaysia
4. Taiwan
5. Australia
6. United Arab Emirates
7. Qatar
8. Monaco
9. Canada
10. United Kingdom

For complete global indexes, ranked by score, volume and alphabetically, and for regional indexes, see:

Global Indexes>>

Regional Indexes>>

Nation Branding and Communication Services

We offer a range of branding and communications services designed to help countries improve how they are viewed in the world, so that they can raise their international standing and improve their economies. Our consultancy is based on many years of experience helping governments improve their international communications.

See details>>
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