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We offer a range of branding and communications services designed to help countries improve how they are viewed in the world, so that they can raise their international standing and improve their economies. Our communications consultancy is based on many years of experience helping governments with their international communications.

Below are some of the services East West offers. For a more comprehensive overview, please see our credentials.
East West Communications' Credentials (English HTML)
East West Communications' Credentials (French HTML)
East West Communications' Credentials (English PDF)
East West Communications' Credentials (French PDF)
1. Brand Analysis
Through our partnership with Perception Metrics, we offer countries, for the first time, scientific tools for analyzing how they are perceived by the world. Through this analysis they can build on their strengths and address their weaknesses with branding and communications programs. The tools we offer include:
Nation Brand Perception Indexes
Nation Brand Perception Reports
2. Branding and Communications
Once you know the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, we can help you undertake a branding process that will help you achieve your optimal positioning and communicate an attractive set of images and messages to target markets. Our services include:
Positioning and branding strategies and programs
Communications strategies, plans and campaigns
Nation branding development and consultancy
Strategic government communications
Public diplomacy consultancy
Image and reputation management
Media and news service consultancy
3. East West Conferences
East West, in partnership with Washington Summits, organizes international conferences on issues that are important to individual countries, regions, or the whole world. These are designed to bring political and business leaders, policy experts and other interested parties together to exchange ideas and information and develop policy recommendations for governments. One such series of conferences is the Washington Energy Summit.
Washington Summits
4. East West Productions
East West produces broadcast ads and documentaries designed to help communicate a credible yet effective image of countries. See some of our sample productions:
Sample Productions
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