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In today's world it is more important than ever for countries to manage how they are perceived. International prestige and clout, exports, foreign investment and tourism are all closely tied to a country's image. Powered by Perception Metrics*, East West Nation Brand Perception Reports provide detailed analysis of how your country is perceived in major media throughout the world, compiled by state-of-the-art computer programs that draw on massive data resources.

How Do We Do It?

Powered by Perception Metrics, East West Nation Brand Perception Reports deliver sophisticated analysis that is affordable and scalable, offering measurement solutions to fit your needs. Whether your country is large, small, or somewhere in between, we can help you monitor your image in world media, and track the impact of your policies and events. We can even use our system to track the international image of individuals, organizations, regions, cities, sectors or destinations in your country.

Perception Metrics relies on a proprietary, rule-based automated text analysis system. Unlike many competing systems, we identify values that are grammatically connected to a client, rather than assuming association based on proximity alone. We are able to find target references whether they are direct or indirect, a related concept or a major name. Our objective is to analyze text with the intuition of a human reader, but with the speed and perfect reliability that only a computer can achieve.

Nation Brand Perception Reports
Cover These Areas

What is the tone of coverage vs. competitors during a specific time period?
What is the volume of coverage vs. competitors during a specific time period?
How are key brand messages reflected in media coverage?
What are the top positive and negative messages used to describe you?
Are current public relations strategies effective at influencing media coverage?
How are your policies perceived by international audiences in target markets?

Why Measure How Your Brand is Perceived Internationally?
Stay ahead of the curve through measurement of positive and negative messages in media coverage
Track and compare the tone or "perception" of media coverage about you and your competitors
Measure media relations effectiveness over time by viewing media performance
Refine core messaging and evaluate how it resonates within the market by tracking key brand messages
Respond quickly to PR issues with data to support your policies in crisis communications recovery plans
Enhance your credibility by providing the quantitative data that is demanded in today's world
Track the impact of branding and communications efforts on how you are perceived internationally

Sophisticated Media Analysis is Within Your Reach

Every country will benefit from measuring its media perception and impact. Our expert team will work with you to customize the brands and competitors included in your analysis. For the first time, accurate measurement of brand perceptions in media is available. Depending on your requirements, we will prepare a nation branding report and then produce regular quarterly and annual updates so that you can track the perception of your brand's evolution in the world.

To discuss our services in detail, please contact us to arrange a meeting.

*Note on: PerceptionMetrics

Perception Metrics is a leader in text analysis, and uses its own proprietary computerized Natural Language Processing system to identify a brand in text and then find the negative and positive messages that are grammatically connected to that brand. East West Nation Branding Reports are produced using Perception Metrics' technology.

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